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Thursday June 3, 2010-- Blown perfect game

Yo what up this here is The Bigg Kid ready to blog about sports:

1) First things first, I want it to be known that even though Jim Joyce apologized for the blown call, that doesn't make it alright.  There have been only 20 perfect games in the history of Major League Baseball, 8 in the national league and 12 in the american league, Joyce ruined Armando Galarraga's chance at fame and to go down in the history books.  An apology is just not enough in this situation.  I think that Bud Selig needs to get involved, especially when the replay is so obvious.  Don't get me wrong, in no way do I want instant replay to takeover America's favorite pasttime like it did to football.  I believe that this one of those special situations, like the askerisk next to Barry Bonds' name in the Home Run record books.

2) In other baseball news I wanted to formally thank Ken Griffey Jr. for what he has done to help the sport of baseball as he retires as one of the greatest, not only home run hitters, but five tool players in the history of the game.

3) On to the NBA playoffs which begin tonight.  The next chapter in the great rivalry between the Celtics and Lakers tips off at 9:00 eastern.  Just a brief preview of the game tonight.  On paper the Lakers are the better team.  On the court I could lean either way, the Celtics work well as a team with a lot of very skilled role players.  But I'm having a very hard time picking against Kobe Bryant.  As for Los Angeles on defense, their key is to takeaway the factor of Rajon Rondo.  As the Big Three are starting to age, Rondo has been the straw that stirs the drink and has led the Celtics to the NBA Championship.  Whether its Fisher or Artest on him.  Make Rondo either shoot the outside J or dump it off to Perkins or Garnett down low, letting Odom, Bynum and Gasol handle it from their.  As for Nate Robinson coming off the bench I would say it best to double team him with Artest and Fisher and getting him frustrated.  Lil' Nate is a very headstrong, confident, yet sometimes selfish but if the Lakers cluster him he won't get the open looks he wants.  In that case I would say go small on defense putting Jordon Farmar on Allen and leaving Kobe on Paul Pierce.  On the other end of the court, their is one man that Boston absolutely needs to focus on.  That man will be wearing the purple number 24 jersey and he will be able to make shots that most people can't even make in a video game, especially at the Staples Center.  In the end I'm picking the Lakers in 6.  
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